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A New Twist on Two Old Standbys

Stadium Blankets and Spirit Wear Jackets have long been staples of sports teams and their fans. Neither is a perfect solution. Blankets never stay where you put them, and any logo on them invariably ends up in a place where it can’t be seen. Jackets are restrictive and leave your legs out in the cold. The answer to chilly weather for sports enthusiasts is here – The Team Wrap®.

We start with a square blanket of warm, soft and durable polyester fleece. Then we add an ample hood on one corner, and pleats and a Velcro tab at the neck to keep the blanket gathered comfortably around the broadest shoulders. To finish things off, we put in large pockets on opposing corners that are roomy enough for gloved hands. The entire blanket even rolls quickly into the hood, leaving the Velcro tab to act as a convenient handle. It’s a blanket you can wear like a cape.

Versatile and Practical

A Team Wrap is truly multi purpose. Spread it out for a picnic, drape it over your legs as the sun goes down, or cuddle it around your shoulders when the night chill sets in. You can even pull up the hood to ward off that breeze or light drizzle. Our high quality materials and construction stand up to years of use. While not waterproof, polyester fleece will not soak up moisture like cotton or wool. This makes it great for typical damp uses, such as for warming up chilly swimmers between heats or to shield players and fans from a misting rain. Team Wraps can be machine washed and dried too.

Our six different sizes accommodate small children to large adults. Our three Youth Sizes will satisfy kids of all sizes, from pre-school cheerleaders to middle school soccer players. A Youth Small would make a great car seat blanket for a baby. Our three Adult Sizes will work for teenagers and adults, whether in the stands or on the field.

Our seven standard colors work well for most teams. True Black (doesn’t Grey or Brown out), Deep Green (somewhere between Forest and Kelly), Deep Maroon (closer to Burgundy than to Brown), Deep Navy Blue (neither Black or Purple in tint), Bright Purple (not eggplant, but a deep color that doesn’t pink or blue out), Candy Apple Red (not orange, not pink) and Bright Royal Blue (several shade lighter than navy and brighter.) When customized with contrasting colors on the back or chest you get a terrific look for team warm ups or spirit wear for fans in the stands.

Variety of Consumers

Team Wraps will appeal to different consumers for different reasons. It is new and different, which will automatically capture the attention and pocketbook of many people. The bright colors and clean lines of Team Wraps are appealing to the eye, and the plush fleece is soft to the touch. Players in any cold or damp outdoor sport will love Team Wraps. A full team outfitted in matching customized Team Wraps is an imposing site on or off the field. Team Wraps are lightweight to carry and easy to care for. They can be put on and taken off quickly as the coach changes players on the field. As a warm up item, Team Wraps offer a low cost, sharp looking, practical solution to keeping players warm when they aren’t on the field.

Team Wraps drape nicely over the heavily padded uniforms of football players, or snuggly wrap the bare legs of soccer players in shorts. They keep the shoulders and arms of softball players warmed up and ready to play while they wait in the dugout. Cheerleaders love that they can flip the Team Wrap over their shoulders to expose their uniform for a cheer, then quickly wrap back up to keep hands, legs and heads warm during a break. Team Wraps provide a cozy solution to those all day swim meets where swimmers are in and out of the water a dozen times. A good squeeze and few solid shakes of a soaking wet Team Wrap is almost dry.

Sports Fans will love Team Wraps. In addition to being able to keep warm in a way that helps to show their team spirit, fans will love the convenience of our design. The lightweight fabric is warm without being a burden. The Team Wrap is easy to carry by the Velcro neck tab that doubles as a handle when the blanket is rolled into the hood. No more blankets dragging on the ground as you walk into the game. If you jump up and cheer at a great play, the Team Wrap stays nicely around your shoulders instead of slipping down through the bleachers. Best of all, Team Wraps are affordable enough to be sold as a fundraising item right at the game.

Sports Fans enthusiastic aren’t the only ones who love teams wraps. Customized Team Wraps make great fundraising items for church groups and other clubs as well. And what about those special events? Team Wraps make unique party favors, corporate gifts and promotional items.

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